Thursday, January 22, 2009

January Stamp Camp

Hey everyone! It has been awhile - I told you I'm not good at this blogging thing! Well, we had January's Stamp Camp and it was a blast! We only made one project this month, but it really got everyone's creative juices flowing. We made a desktop coaster calendar. Here is mine:

We used the paper from the Catelyn and Reece collections, so there were many different varieties. I provided an assortment of embelishments and stamps and let everyone make their own creation. Everyone was so creative and they all turned out fabulous!
Here is the tutorial so that you can try to make this project at home:

2 - 4" square coasters
4 - 4" square pieces of patterned paper
Cropadile or paper piercer
Calendar pages
Additional cardstock
Paper Cutter
Decorative scissors or edge punch (I used SU scallopped edge punch)
sanding block
Coordinating ink pad (I used Pallette Cote d' Azure)
1/2 inch binding wire
Bind it All
Step 1
Print out your calendar pages and cut them in equal pieces.I printed mine out at redcastle for free! I set my template to a 2 3/4" square and used Tahoma Small Cap font. I cut the pages into 2 3/4" squares.
Step 2
Line the pages up on top of each other, center it over additional cardstock layers (I used a 3" piece of brown and 3 1/4" robin blue cardstock squares.). Using a pen, mark the place on the top two corners where you want your brads to go. Then use your Cropadile or paper piercer to add two holes on your marks.
Step 3
Secure your calendar pages with brads to your cardstock layers. Set aside.
Step 4
Apply adhesive to your chipboard coaster.
Step 5
Using your decorative scissors or edge punch, cut trim the inside edge of two of your pieces of patterened paper. This will be the INSIDE of your calendar, with the trimmed edge near the binding.
Step 6
Adhere one of your patterned paper pieces to your coaster. Trim any overhang of the paper.
Step 7
Sand the edges of the paper with a sanding block for a distressed look.
Step 8
Adhere patterned paper to the second coaster as well as to the back side of both coasters. Repeat trimming and sanding.
Step 9
Rub ink pad around the edges of the coaster to distress it.
Step 10
Punch binding holes in both coasters with your Binding Machine.
Alternative: You can also use a Crop-a-dile to make the holes.
Step 11
Insert wire through binding holes and close it.
Alternative:Use ribbon or binding rings to connect the coasters together.
Step 12
Tape the calendar to one side, decorate the other page with a stamped image or photo. At this point, you can add embellishments as you wish! In my example, I cut out a flower from the same patterned paper I used and glued it on the corner of my photo.

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